Who We Are

Perfect Sums are a team of 6 friendly professionals who are passionate about helping your business to reach new heights through accurate bookkeeping and accountancy.

We specialise in cloud-based bookkeeping and accountancy using the most up-to-date software and technology to provide you with a seamless digital accountancy and bookkeeping service.

Accumulatively over 20 years of experience in all different aspects of finance and accountancy. We want to provide you with all the information as instantly as we can to help your business be the best it can be.

Let us take the financial strain so you can concentrate on the business you started.

What matters to us


Our clients come first!

Cheesy but true, we always endeavor to put our clients first, by helping you to avoid HMRC penalties to promptly replying to your queries.

Number crunching!

You know – actually doing your bookkeeping and working out how to best advise you.

We are passionate about taking care of our staff.

We believe that a happy team is an efficient team, therefore we invest in our staff and their continual professional development to further their expertise.

We believe in letting our clients work smarter not harder.

Through real-time financial advice and accurate bookkeeping, we can sort your financial administration so you can focus on running your business.

Meet the Perfect Sums Team

Claire Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Claire

Claire is … Managing Director
Claire’s 3 favourite things are … family & friends, red wine and olives
In her spare time, you will find Claire … what’s that?!
Claire’s guilty pleasure is … people watching

Ria Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Ria

Ria is … Operations Director
Ria’s 3 favourite things are … eating out, walking the dog, and of course, spending precious time with my family
In her spare time, you will find Ria … running; as much as I can feasibly squeeze in!
Ria’s guilty pleasure is … watching Eastenders (I know!)

Sam Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Sam

Sam is … Senior Accounts Assistant
Sam’s 3 favourite things are … Family, sunshine and cocktails (probably in that order!)
In her spare time, you will find Sam… curled up with a good book
Sam’s guilty pleasure is … chocolate. Isn’t it everyone’s guilty pleasure?

Amy Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Amy

Amy is … Accounts Assistant
Amy’s 3 favourite things are … family, baking and chocolate
In her spare time, you will find Amy … baking or sleeping
Amy’s guilty pleasure is … family movie night with way too many sweet treats

Carrie Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Carrie

Carrie is … Accounts & Admin Assistant
Carrie’s 3 favourite things are … my family, chocolate (or cake) and my cats!
In her spare time, you will find Carrie … renovating houses and geeking out over interior designs on Pinterest.
Carrie’s guilty pleasure is … dancing around the house and singing badly to dance and house music!

Meet Emma

Emma is … Senior Accounts Assistant
Emma’s 3 favourite things are … spending time with family, socialising with friends and shopping
In her spare time, you will find Emma … going to the gym
Emma’s guilty pleasure is … colouring

Jackie Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Jackie

Jackie is … Accounts Assistant
Jackie’s 3 favourite things are … family, eating anything sweet and running
In her spare time, you will find Jackie … being a football mum or running through the Cornish countryside
Jackie’s guilty pleasure is … playing video games

Jo Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Jo

Jo is … Accounts & Admin Assistant
Jo’s 3 favourite things are … My family, the ocean & adventures
In her spare time, you will find Jo … Either with the family, running or surfing
Jo’s guilty pleasure is … playing fortnite

Rob Who We Are Perfect Sums Bookkeeping

Meet Rob

Rob is … Accounts Assistant
Rob‘s 3 favourite things are … warm days, tea/coffee and music
In his spare time, you will find Rob … studying a subject/practising a skill
Rob’s guilty pleasure is … a cornish pasty!

Our working hours

Feel free to give us a call.

Monday8.30am – 3pm
Tuesday8.30am – 3pm
Wednesday8.30am – 3pm
Thursday8.30am – 3pm
Friday8.30am – 3pm

We Work With

Perfect Sums uses a variety of online cloud-based accounting software to deliver our most efficient services to our clients. We predominantly use Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Dext and Client Engager.